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Vitamin B3 may help the immune system fight “super bugs”In a recent study at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. the rusults suggest that B vitamins, specifically B3, may boost the immune system and be useful in fighting the “super bugs” that are antibioic resistant.

This is certainly a significant stand alone bit of information.

The opportunity here is to look at the causes of B vitamin defeciencies.

It is not just the supplementation of B vitamins that is required, although it is necessary.

B vitamins are depleated by stress, poor digestion, refined carbohydrates, high fructose, many medications, certainly those for heartburn that inhibit stomach acid production.

I routinely recomend B vitamins for my patients.  It is a good start.  Lab (blood) tests , diet evaluation, checking for environmental factors as well as emotional stress factors is also part of the process.

Immune systems are complex and erode from many causes over a period of time.

The immune function is dependent to a great degree on the function of the digestive system.

Without going on and on….it is clear to us that increasing digestive integrity, attending to the diet, establishing stress management systems and improving attitude is essential to restoring and balancing an immune system.

It may be true that antibiotics may be required from time to time but building strong immune systems not super bugs is a better long term plan.

Natural Medicine…..This is what we do over along period of time for health….

Crisis medicine….very helpful …not a health solution.


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