Recently there has been a surge of studies and research challenging some of the “beliefs” of Natural Medicine.  You know, the silly notions that organic pesticide free foods might be healthier than the regular food with “acceptable” levels of  toxic chemicals.  Or that genetically modified foods might present longterm possible problems and might need to be regulated or perhaps at least identified.

In this article the American Academy of Pediatrics refers to  a Stanford University study on organic vrs. non organic foods to announce that science has not proven that eating organic foods makes people any healthier.

They do admit that theoretically there could be long term effects, especially on growing young brains but there is no scientific long term evidence.  Further, the reduction of pesticides in food ignores that the current levels of pesticides in foods are within “safety limits”.

The function of those of us in Natural Medicine is to encourage common sense, good health practices.   These kind of articles urge us to ignore what we know in the face of the rant that there is “no scientific proof” .

Yes, there is a lot of foolishness in the health food industry.  Studies on these topics are welcome, but to rant that here is no proof and therefore ignore the problems seem not in our best interest.

I promised that I would not go on and on.   Read the articles.  Even in the face of “no scientific proof” I encourage you to take care of your health with at least common sense.



Links to both articles are provided below.

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